Fire Damages A Garage In Ireland; Two Vehicles Inside

A Saturday Fire in Ireland did damage to a garage and two vehicles parked inside it.

The fire broke out at about 4:30pm Saturday in the garage of the Tim Herbig home in the 5100 block of  West South St.  A hot ember from wood left over from a family gathering at Herbig’s on Friday is believed to be the cause.   Herbig tells Ireland Fire Chief Stan Seifert that he picked up unburned wood earlier in the day on Saturday.  But a hot ember may have unknowingly lodged itself onto some of the unburned wood Herbig picked up and put inside the garage.

The fire broke out in a corner of the garage.  It was quickly put out by Ireland firefighters.  The fire did to the southwest part of the garage, as well as a to two Jeep Wranglers inside the garage.   No dollar estimate has yet been made, but the Herbig’s are insured.

There were no injuries.

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