1011711_169127476593537_1479346207_nPROGRAMMING NOTE: Between now and 9pm Sunday, SVP/NNDC will be doing some needed work on the webchannel… mainly setting up new directories/playlists. This is being done as a result of our webchannel’s redesign. We are now setting up our video feeds so they will work as they should regardless of the format you are viewing NNDC on (PC, smartphone, iPhone & Android apps)!

This overall process is going to take a couple of days to complete so if you are experiencing a problem watching any of the NNDC stories, this will be the reason for it! But, the only time you might be able to access a story will be from 11a to 9p on Sunday, that is when our IT team will be setting up the new directories/playlists. Thank you.

Mick Birge
Executive Producer
Star Valley Productions, Inc./NewsNow Dubois County.

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