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Mayor Says There Will Be City Calendars For 2014

jasper-logo-2From Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz

(JASPER) – Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz says there will be a printed City Calendar for 2014.

Seitz says, “When I made the decision to forego the traditional printed calendar based on increasing costs and the availability of the calendars on the Jasper website, we expected it would initiate comments from the public.” He goes on to say, “Over the course of the last week we have received several requests at City Hall and some through members of our Common Council for a printed version of the 2014 calendar. We have chosen to amend our course and will print a smaller quantity and have them available for pick-up at various Jasper City offices next month.”

The calendar will be distributed during business hours at the front desk of Jasper City Hall, as well as at the Jasper Municipal Utilities office and drive-through, the Arnold F. Habig Community Center, and 24 hours-a-day in the lobby of the Jasper Police Department.

A public notice will be made available when the calendars become available, likely sometime in mid-December. An electronic version of the calendar will be posted on the City’s website for printout ( Additionally, the November utility bills will include the 2013 recycling calendar.

“I have said many times the citizens of Jasper are engaged in activities of their City,” Seitz says. “So, we’ll be employing a multi-faceted delivery of City information in the new year.”

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