Huntingburg Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing SUV; Fighting With Police

MeyerA Huntingburg man now faces several charges after police say he stole an SVU and later became combative with police after they found him asleep in the vehicle.

The SUV was reported stolen from the home of Jacob Hall in the 2900 block of West 900 South shortly after 10 o’clock Saturday night.

The SUV was spotted a short time later down the road in the 3600 block of  West 900 South.  Police say the man believed to have taken the SUV was found asleep in it.   Police say they had a difficult time trying to wake 19-year-old Wesley Meyer, the man in vehicle.   Police say Meyer did become combative when he was finally awakened, and had to be tasered.  But Meyer continued to fight with police officers before he was finally placed in handcuffs and shackles.

Police say Meyer blood alcohol content tested .22 percent on a portable breathalyzer at the scene.  They also say they found drug paraphernalia in Meyer’s possession.
Meyer is charged with vehicle theft and theft, both Class D felonies.  He’s also charged with misdemeanor counts of minor consuming, possession of resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct , possession of paraphernalia and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.

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