No Action Of Any Sort Since Tort Claim Filed More Than 6 Months Ago

drewJasper City Attorney Renee Kabrick says it has been more than 6 months now since she or any city official has heard of any followup to a tort claim filed back in April against the city, the Jasper Police Department and a former city police officer.

The tort claim was filed by an Evansville attorney on behalf of a man alleged victim who is claiming that Dave Drew (pictured), while serving as a member of the Jasper Police Department, sexually assaulted the unnamed victim back in October of 2012.

Evansville attorney Jared Michael Thomas is representing the alleged victim.  He is not commenting on the matter.  The tort claim was formally filed back on April 24th notifying city officials of a possible lawsuit. Tort claims are a legal notice that  a lawsuit could be filed against a governmental entity.

Tort claims need to be filed within 180 days of an alleged incident, or the alleged victim(s) could possibly lose the ability to sue later on.

Drew resigned this past March 14th while two separate investigations into his conduct were in progress; one by the City of Jasper, the other by Indiana State Police. Drew’s resignation allowed the city and the police department to not have to release any details about the investigations and other details that ultimately led to the resignation.

Back in March, the Dubois County prosecutor’s office turned the matter over to the prosecutor’s office in Martin County to see if criminal charges should be filed. To date, no charges have been filed by special prosecutor Michael Steiner of Martin County against Drew who did have four separate disciplinary actions taken against him in his 10-years on the force.

There has also been no lawsuit filed by the victim of Drew’s alleged sexual assault.  Meanwhile, Kabrick tells NewsNow Dubois County there has been no contact between her office and the Evansville lawyer’s office since the week after the tort claim was filed.

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