Huntingburg Man Faces Multiple Manufacturing Meth-Related Charges

ButlerA Huntingburg man was arrested this past Friday afternoon on multiple charges  connected with manufacturing methamphetimine.

The Sheriff’s department says they were able to obtain a Dubois County Superior court search warrant for all properties rented and used by 41-year old Gregory Butler.

During those searches, sheriff’s investigators says they found multiple precursors and other equipment used to opearate a meth lab. A .22-caliber pistol was found in Butler’s vehicle.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office says earlier it added Butler to the local pseudo-ephedrine watch list after the department got a tip that Butler may be manufacturing methamphetimine.

After making contact with Butler near his Walnut Street apartment in Huntingburg, Butler admitted having at least four precursors in his vehicle that are used to manufacture methamphetimine. The Sheriff’s Department also says Butler admitted to making meth in his apartment, and later, authorities learned that Butler had meth manufacturing items in a rented storage unit on Sixth Street.

Butler is charged with Class A felony dealing methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of school property because the storage unit is near Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium. He’s also charged with Class C felony possession of precursors used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine by a person also in possession of a firearm and he’s charged with Class D felony counts of maintaining a common nuisance and illegal dumping of controlled waste. Authorities say Butler allegedly dumped waste from methamphetimine cooked in his apartment.

If found guilty on the Class A felony charge alone, Butler could get a sentence of between 20 and 50 years in prison.

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